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What is Wireless testing?

Wireless testing evaluates electrical products that are intended to be operated without wires – anything from laptops and electric toothbrushes to industrial applications with wireless components. Different jurisdictions around the world require manufacturers to comply with codes and regulations regarding how their wireless products function for security and health and safety purposes.

Purpose of Wireless Testing:

A wireless test is necessary to help you meet regulatory requirements, improve product performance, and reduce the risk of costly non-compliance. Third-party conformity assessments also help to strengthen your competitive position in the market.

AA Electro Magnetic Test Lab Private Limited has a wireless testing lab, with capabilities ranging the full spectrum from standard TEC (TR Requirements – Technical Requirements),FCC & CE compliance to sophisticated cutting-edge programs like Wi-Fi and ZigBee.

Here are some of our wireless capabilities and accreditations assisting with the international homologation needs of the wireless manufacturer:

  1. Testing to virtually any FCC rule part C as well as its IC equivalent

  2. Fully equipped test facility for ETSI EN & ETSI TS Standards & 3GPP, ITU regulations.

  3. We are fully accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017

  4. India’s first Lab for all kind of Radio Frequency Test in a single roof

  5. We are also able to obtain international approvals includes FCC, CE, IC etc.

Following are wireless product technologies that we specialize in testing:

  1. 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ad

  2. GSM / GPRS / EDGE

  3. CDMA / EV-DO


  5. FRS / GMRS

  6. Bluetooth

  7. FHSS

  8. DSSS

Here are some of our specialized Wireless Testing areas:

  1. 3D Antenna Pattern Measurements

  2. Dynamic Frequency Selection

  3. FCC Testing

  4. NFC, IoT Products Compliance & Pre-Compliance

  5. RFID Testing

  6. Wi-Fi Testing & Certification

  7. ZigBee Product Pre-Testing

AA Electro Magnetic Test Labs Private Limited. excels in testing and certifying to the all FCC CFR 47 rule parts, including Part 2, and Part 15.

Our wireless device test capabilities and international approvals include the following countries and standards:

  1. USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and rest of South American countries

  2. Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

  3. East Asian & Indian TEC, BIS & WPC approvals

  4. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia, and rest of Asian countries

  5. South Africa and rest of African countries

  6. Middle Eastern countries

  7. Russia, and all Eastern European countries

Facility in Wireless Testing

Facility in Wireless Testing – for EU

  • AA EMT can do the wide range of wireless testing

  • ETSI EN 300 328 (2.4GHz) for BLE / BT / WiFi / Zig Bee Testing

  • ETSI EN 301 893 (5GHz) for WiFi Access Point

  • ETSI EN 302 502 (5.8GHz) for RLAN / Access Point

  • ETSI EN 300 220 / 300 330 / 300 440 for SRD

  • Technology can be tested: BT / BLE / WiFi -2.4GHz / WiFi -5GHz / LoRa / SigFox / RFID / NFC / RF Mesh / Ant / Ant + / Z Wave etc.

Facility in Wireless Testing – for FCC / ISED

  • AA EMT can do the wide range of wireless testing as per FCC recognition.

  • FCC Part 15 C – 15.247 (2.4GHz)

  • FCC Part 15 C – 15.209 (SRD)

  • FCC Part 15 C – 15.407 (5GHz)

  • Part 15D - Unlicensed Personal Communications Service Devices FCC Part 15 E

  • FCC Part 15 E -U-NII without DFS Intentional Radiators

  • FCC Part 15 F - Ultra-Wideband Operation (UWB)

  • FCC Part 15 G - BPL Intentional Radiators

  • FCC Part 15 H- White Space Devices

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