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AAEMT has the testing capability for all,

  • Radiated Emission Test

  • Harmonic Current Emission Test

  • Voltage Flick Current Fluctuation Test

  • Conducted Emission (Power Line and Signal Line) Test

  • Conducted Susceptibility Test

  • Surge Immunity Test (Power & Telecom link)

  • Conducted Power disturbance (household product )Test

  • Radiated Magnetic Emission Test (lighting Product)

  • LED lamps and Luminaries

  • Electrostatic Discharge Test

  • Pulse Magnetic Field

  • Voltage Dips & Short Interruption (AC)

  • Voltage Dips & Short Interruption (DC)

to the various worldwide specifications in effect today for many products such as, but not limited to, commercial, medical, ITE, military, avionics, solar, and automotive. The test facilities are approved by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) & IC(Industry Canada).

In addition to having an experienced, well-trained, and customer satisfaction driven staff, AAEMT has the finest instrumentation available for signal integrity measurements if required during the testing of a customer’s product. If a customer’s Device under test, (DUT), has an over-the-limit emission AAEMT has the capability to identify the problem and implement a cost-effective modification while in the test lab so testing can continue.

Documentation and test reports are generated in accordance with the standards set forth by the regulatory bodies and include comprehensive detail and completeness. For complete compliance service, AAEMT also prepares application packages and provides agency liaison for the customer in their quest for international certification marks.


Additionally, AAEMT can help your company set up a pre-compliance testing plan by training a company’s engineers to select the test equipment, set up a suitable test area, and train the engineering team to perform a pre-compliance test suite before moving into a test chamber. This effort includes taking data, troubleshooting, interpreting the results, and coming to reasonable, cost-effective solutions for any issues that are found during the pre-compliance testing effort.

EMC Compliance Standards:
  • CISPR 11

  • CISPR 32

  • CISPR 14-1 & CISPR 14-2

  • CISPR 25

  • CISPR 35

  • TEC/SD/EMI/002-Oct 2016

  • FCC, ETSI, AIS, IEC 61000 Series

  • MIL 461 E,F &G

What is EMC?

EMC, or electromagnetic compatibility, is the interaction of electromagnetic energy generated by electronic equipment and the surrounding environment. The three main methods of classifying these interactions are through Emission, Susceptibility, and Immunity.

Why perform EMC testing?

EMC testing is performed to ensure that devices are designed and specified to function in electromagnetic environments that they will commonly be exposed to.

Testing verifies that a device will function in the presence of electromagnetic interference (EMI), the device will not radiate unacceptable levels of electromagnetic energy, and that a device will not disrupt the function of other nearby electronic devices. A typical testing program consists of various emissions, susceptibility, and immunity requirements, in addition to electrostatic discharge testing, surge testing, and possible on-site evaluations.

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